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Side effects of Bariatric Surgery | Complications | Risks

Every bariatric surgery/medical intervention has its own side effects, risks & complications associated with it.
At Kular Institute of Excellence in Bariatrics, you get the best documented results of bariatric surgery in the world.Dr Kular & Dr Rutledge being the inventors & pioneers of the mini gastric bypass bariatric surgery can provide you a bariatric surgery with the best results and with minimum possible complications and risks.

Side effects |Risks | Complications of Bariatric Surgery

During Surgery

Common complications in any surgery are bleeding, iatrogenic injury to any organ, embolism, cardiac complications etc.We have world class high definition cameras, modular OTs and above-all, the most experienced certified bariatric surgeons who can ensure that all the risks & complications of bariatric surgery stay to the minimum possible as per the best documented results anywhere in in the world.

After Surgery

At Kular Bariatric Excellence Institute, you should feel confident about the post operative care, risks & complications, as our post care is documented amongst the best in the world.Reported rare complications in the post operative period may be bleeding, respiratory complications, clot, embolism etc.

Long term side effects| complications of bariatric surgery

When you lose weight, you need to be careful about your nutrition & supplementation or else you can have a various deficiencies like Iron, Protein, Calcium and various vitamins. Cigarette smoking or long term painkillers can cause ulcer or ulcer perforation.At Kular, we have one of the best teams in the world, which takes care of your post operative follow ups.We have the one of the best documented follow up rate in the world.





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