To improve the health of the people served by providing high-quality care, a comprehensive range of services, convenient & timely access with exceptional service & compassion.


Dr. Kular started the Mini Gastric Bypass Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery for the first time in India.He became the second surgeon the world to cross 3000 benchmarks of the MGB Surgery after his teacher & the father of Mini Gastric Bypass - Dr. Robert Rutledge from the USA. 


With this achievement, Dr. Kular has been able to raise the Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery in India to the highest world standards, thus bringing India to the forefront on the map of weight loss surgery in the world.






Our vision is to be the best health system provider in the world, especially in the fields of Bariatric Surgery, Infertility,  Joint Replacement, cosmetic surgery & advanced Laparoscopy. We will attain this position by transforming the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, service, innovation and excellence.