Founded in the year 2000, by Dr. Kiran Kular MD Gynae (Gold Medalist) and Dr. K.S. Kular M.S. Bariatric & MIS Surgeon . Kular Hospital has been one of the leading Institutes of North India, famous for Bariatric Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, IVF & Infertility and advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries. Kular Hospital has the honor of being a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) & also has the International Standard 9001:2008 certification by the ICR .


Dr. Kular is a fellow of the world no 1 MGB surgeon  Dr. Robert Rutledge, the father of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery, USA. He has done maximum number of mini gastric bypass procedures in Asia and is doing  other kinds of bariatric surgeries like Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Roux en Y bypass , Laparoscopic duodenal Switch Etc. Kular Hospital in North India is Premier Institute in advanced Laproscopic Surgery.Dr Kular and Dr Rutledge have trained many young bariatric surgeons throughout India and in other countries like France, Germany , Canada, Austria ,Poland, U.K, etc.

Bariatric / Weight loss Surgery in India was revolutionized, when India's first Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) Bariatric Surgery was done by Dr.K.S.Kular in 2006.With the advent of Mini Gastric bypass, Bariatric Surgery has become short, safe, effective, reversible and revisable.Patients start walking and accept orally, within hours of the Mini Gastric Bypass.With this, not only the stay in the hospital is reduced, but the Bariatric Surgery has also become cheap and affordable. Economical, yet safe Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery in India has thus become a reality with the help of Mini Gastric Bypass.


Dr. Kular is the Founder President of the International MGB Bariatric Surgeon's Club formed in Vienna in 2014 during the International federation of the Surgeons for Obesity.


Dr Kular is also a member of the executive committee of Obesity Surgery Society of India, International member IFSO , ASMBS & SAGES USA.He has been the Director of the IFSO MGB training courses held in Montreal , Canada 2014 , Paris 2013 and Vienna 2015.


Kular hospital is an OSSI certified Hospital for training young surgeons in Bariatric Surgery.


Our Advanced laparoscopy team headed by Dr Naveen Manchanda  has performed more than 4000 total Laparoscopic Hystrectomies, Laparoscopic CBD Explorations, Laparoscopic Gall-bladder removal, Laparoscopic Hernia, Laparoscopic Fundoplications, Laparoscopic Colectomies, Laparoscopic Spleenectomies etc.

Kular joint replacement center led by Dr Deepak Mehta , is the leading Joint replacement center of Punjab.Dr Mehta specialises in minimally invasive and joint orthopeadics , he is Mch in Orthopeadics ( Ex. Senior Registrar Chandigarh Medical College, sector 32).

Kular Hospital has got a state of the art IVF & Infertility Centre which is fully equipped with latest Incubator, Laminar flows etc. Our success rates are at par with the American infertility clinics.